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Your workouts are customized so they can be modified to your fitness levels

Your trainer will also ensure your safety by providing proper techiques in alignment and form. You can also take private personal training sessions scheduled around your lifestyle. 

Step out of the box and

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you can get active and lead a healthier lifestyle

​You have a large CrossFit gym, a Private Yoga Studio, and access to fun outdoor workouts and activities at the beach.

Out of the Box was designed to provide fitness for everyone. Your CrossFit Trainers are also Certified Personal Trainers which means you have a trainer that educates, guides and motivates you.  If you are tired of a regular gym setting and are ready to make some friends, get motivated and take a step toward a healthier lifestyle. Sign up for a free trial today! You will be so happy you did. From another box? We would love to meet you. Click to drop in.

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